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Minary-L is an e-mail discussion group of approximately 300 alumni education professionals. Announcements about the Minary Conference are first made to this list; therefore, if you have any interest in attending the next conference we would suggest that you sign-up.

The general discussion on this list is about the many ways education can be used as a tool in the field of alumni relations. You are welcome to sign up even if you do not plan to attend this year’s conference.

To join the group, point your browser to:
and click on the link for "Join or leave the list." Fill in your email address and your full name, and then scroll down and click "Join MINARY-L." The system will automatically send an email to the list administrator and you will be added as soon as the message is processed. (If you are familiar with listserv and wish to customize your settings, you can do so on this page as well.)

You will then automatically receive any future emails to the group. Once subscribed, to send a message, simply address an email to:
and all members of the group will get your message. Please keep in mind that the topics on MINARY-L are limited to those related to Alumni Education (including alumni travel/study).

[Note that the link above will also take you to an archive of past messages so you can see what's been discussed on MINARY-L dating back to the list's inception in April, 1995.]