MIT/WHOI Joint Program
Alumni/ae Association

Mission Statement

We, the Alumni and Alumnae of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program, charter this Association to ensure continued communication among ourselves, and between ourselves and the Joint Program students and institutions, in order to promote the continued excellence of the Joint Program.

The world justly recognizes the MIT/WHOI Joint Program as one of the most outstanding graduate education programs in marine sciences and engineering. It is incumbent on us, the graduates and principal beneficiaries of the Joint Program, to promote and abet its continued excellence, that we, future graduates, the Joint Program institutions, and the marine sciences and engineering community at large, may continue to reap its benefits.


To submit something to this page contact the WHOI education office (508-289-2200).

This is an organization associated with both MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
This information was last updated October 31, 2005