Ellen Swallow Richards 125th Anniversary Exhibit (1998)


Redesigned and posted on the web by Joan Coyne '87

An Exhibit of MIT women students, alumnae, and friends
prepared by the Association of MIT Alumnae in honor of
the 125th anniversary of the graduation of Ellen Swallow Richards

AMITA Exhibit Committee:
Sarah Simon '72, Curator
Joice Himawan '83
Dr. Susan (Lippman) Kannenberg '61
Bonny S. Kellerman '72 
Lissa Martinez '76
Lin (Bernhardt) Olsen '67
Laura M Robinson '80 
Cynthia (Helsel) Skier '74 
Linda S. vanDuyne '86 
Sandra G. Yulke '74 

With advice and support from: 
Elizabeth Andrews, MIT Archivist; Dotty Bowe; Dr. Elisabeth Drake '58; Professor Margery Resnick; Christine Tempesta, Alumni Office;Michael Yates, MIT Museum 


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