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Each year, AMITA present the AMITA Senior Academic Award for outstanding academic excellence and professional achievement. This awards was established in 1958 to highlight the achievement of women at the Institute. Originally the awards were given to students in their junior year, but after 1971, the awards went to seniors. The winners are announced each year the the Institute Awards Convocation in May. Past Recipients of the awards are:

1963 Jeanne (Horowitz) Fertel, Lita (Donnelly) Nelson
1965 Janet (Romanowych) Dingler, Lucy Garnett
1967 Stephanie (McCandless) Seneff, Fredda (Hoffman) Cole, Shirley Jackson
1969 Elaine (Leemon) Gruber
1970 Kay (Van Zimmerman) Robbins
1972 Wendy Erb
1973 Sandra Cohen, Jean Brenfleck Paskowitz, Ellen (Spielman) Gitler
1975 Karen (Irwin) Mueller, Pamela Jorgensen, Caryn Navy, Andrea (Reyman) Hiner
1976 Laurel Fischer, Ellen Scotti
1977 Koon B Neoh, Renee Y Chow, Barbara L Smith, Mary (Schaeffer) Fogg, Christin A Wang
1978 Susan Kayton, Teresa (Constanza) Nolet, Yu-Ling Cheng
1979 Evita Vulgaris, Debra Leyersen
1980 Susan Shakin
1986 Karen (Lee) Wang
1988 Marcia France
1989 Cindy Wang
1990 Charrissa Lin
1991 Lori Lubin, Rebecca Scar
1992 Konstantina (Trbovic) Stankovic
1993 Christine Goddard
1994 Tracey Adams
1995 Christina Onufryk, Danielle Goodman
1996 Corinne Ilvedson, Julia Ogrydziak
1997 Anna Lopanokiva, Dicle Yesilleten
1998 Tiffany Cunninghan, Lisa Poyneer
1999 Lisa Kinder
2000 Jonna Anderson, Lucy Shen

As you can see, our records are incomplete. If you were a recipient of the AMITA Junior/Senior award or if you know of one, who is not listed here, please let us know so we can update our records.


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