Ellen Swallow Richards' Legacy: MIT Alumnae Make a Difference

Saturday, March 5, 2011 , Conference 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM,   Reception and Dinner 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Alumnae in Healthcare

Ellen Swallow Richards believed in the importance of "right living" and spent much of her career in studying and teaching women and others the importance of clean water to drink, exercise, and pure and healthy food with good nutritional value. After helping to set the stage for the biology department at MIT, alumnae such as Katherine McCormick (1904), who selected and funded the research resulting in the birth control pill, continue to make progress in all aspects of healthcare. From the doctor's office to healthcare research, policy and economics, our panelists will explore key concerns today and healthcare challenges on the horizon in with a particular focus on women's health.

Dr. Nazneen Aziz, PhD '87, Director of Molecular Medicine, College of American Pathologists; Founder, Vitrimark

Dr. Florence Haseltine, '70, MD, Director of the Center for Population Research, NIH
Prof. B. Katherine Swartz, '72, Professor of Health Policy & Mgmt, Harvard School of Public Health
Dr. Roseanna Means '76, MD, primary care physician, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Panel Details

Haseltine Dr. Florence Haseltine '70 received her PhD in Biophysics from MIT and her MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The central issues she finds important are the health of women and their professional advancement. Dr. Haseltine is currently the Director of the Center for Population Research at the National Institutes of Health where her office supports promising research in contraceptive development, evaluation, and usage as well as policy creation. She founded the Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research (SWHR) in 1990, and was the founding editor of the Journal of Women's Health. Dr. Haseltine also served on the board of Directors of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and as assistant and associate professor of Ob/Gyn & Pediatrics at Yale University. Her current activities include developing mobile apps in the field of reproductive sciences.

Swartz Professor Kathy Swartz '72 received her PhD in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and her BS in Economics from MIT. As a Professor of Health Economic and Policy, her research interests have focused on people without health insurance, efforts to increase access to health care coverage, and how we might pay for expanded health insurance coverage. She is the author of Reinsuring Health: Why More Middle-Class People Are Uninsured and What Government Can Do (2006). Prof. Swartz was elected to the Institute of Medicine in 2007 and received the David N. Kershaw Award in 1991 from the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. In 2009, Prof. Swartz was President of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management; she organized the 2008 APPAM research conference as president-elect in 2008. She is now starting an initiative at Harvard on issues confronting an aging population.

Means Dr. Roseanna Means '76 received her BS and MS from MIT and her MD from Tufts University School of Medicine. Since 1990, she chose to dedicate a significant portion of her professional life to providing health care to homeless persons and has been recognized as a CNN Hero for this work. She is Founder and President of Women of Means, Inc., a non-profit organization of volunteer physicians and nurses who provide immediate, free medical care and care management in Boston shelters for homeless and battered women. She is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, where she teaches medical students and residents about poverty medicine, access to care, health policy and social justice. Dr. Means currently serves on an international advisory board for a new medical school in Nepal.

Aziz Dr. Nazneen Aziz, PhD '87, is currently the Director of Molecular Medicine at the College of American Pathologists and co-founder of the startup, Vitrimark, which is developing a highly innovative diagnostic technology to image early markers of disease in body fluids. In her prior positions, Dr. Aziz was Vice President of Research and Development at Interleukin Genetics, Vice President of External Research at Point Therapeutics and Director of Translational Research at Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research. In her industry career, she has focused on on personalized medicine and drug development in cancer and diabetes. She was an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School before she joined the biotechnology industry. Dr. Aziz obtained her doctorate degree in molecular biology at MIT ('87) where she worked with Dr. Hamish Munro on the discovery of translational regulation of mRNAs.

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