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The MIT Club of Greece was founded in 1984 with the following objectives:

  • Develop, encourage and support the ties between MIT alumni residing in Greece;
  • Provide contact between MIT alumni residing in Greece and the Institute;
  • Contribute in any way possible to the scientific, educational, cultural and social life of Greece; and
  • Financially support Greek students at MIT.

Today, the Club has a mailing list of over 400 people located both in Greece and abroad. (Short contact and biographical information for a subset of this group is available online in the Club's Directory pages.)

Eligible for membership to our club is any individual who meets one of the following criteria:

  • Holds a degree from MIT and resides in Greece;
  • Has served as a member of MIT's faculty or scientific staff and resides in Greece;
  • Satisfies either condition above but resides outside Greece.

The one-time Club registration fee is 15 Euro, while the annual membership fee amounts to 20 Euro. Follow this link to register.

Dues-paying members compose the Club's General Assembly, which meets once a year, usually by the end of January. The General Assembly in turn elects 7 members to serve for a two-year term on the Club's Board of Directors.

The Club holds 3-4 social events each year. These usually have the form of dinner-speech events, where guest speakers are invariably associated with the MIT community: notable MIT alumni living in Greece or abroad, and MIT faculty - usually, but not necessarily, of Greek decent. Our long list of speakers includes several Ministers and government Officials, as well as professors Dertouzos, Gyftopoulos, Hatsopoulos, Moniz, Negroponte, Odoni, Solow and Thurow. Our club also occasionally arranges panel speeches on a particular subject. On a less formal note, we organize parties, informal "happy-hour" events and one-day road trips.

Our objective is to extend the Club's activities to other areas: ideas under discussion currently include strengthening our ties with MIT's Hellenic Students' Association; developing a career network to assist alumni in their job-search; develop a forum for the discussion of entrepreneurial ideas in technology; and create a scholarship fund for Greek students at MIT.

The Club of Greece is part of MIT's alumni network and is entirely run by volunteers. To find out more, contact one of our officers or use the Contact Us button in the right column on any page of our site.

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