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MIT Club Gala

Gala 2000
was held on Saturday evening, January 22, 2000

Location:University Park Hotel - Click here to see their web site.University Park Hotel, Cambridge

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Based on Newsletter article written by Gala 2000 co-chair Karen Mathiasen

On January 22, over 160 Club members and their guests gathered for an evening of prophecies, puzzles and prizes, at Gala 2000. We heard wonderful predictions and historic accounts from President Charles Vest, Founding Director of the MIT Museum Warren Seamans, and Sloan School Dean Richard Schmalensee. The event was held at the University Park Hotel in Cambridge.

It was bitterly cold outside, but Gala-goers inside were warmed by an evening of fine food, interesting conversation, and dancing. Also, each place setting included small, 3-D jigsaw puzzles, which served as amusing ice-breakers. In true MIT fashion, informal competitions arose as members strove to be the first at their table to solve them.

The Predictions

Attendees were invited to submit written predictions for what the next 100 years may bring. These prophecies have been placed in a time capsule to be opened in the year 2100. Click on time capsule to view these predictions as they scroll down your screen.

Click on time capsule to see scrolling predictions page prepared by the ProphecyMaster

SPECIAL NOTE: Much of the scrolling prophecy page was initially entered in by the ProphecyMaster using speech recognition software in spirit with the 21st Century.

Outside Links

of predictions for the 21st Century was prepared by the ProphecyMaster and is found on his personal web site. This page will be maintained because some of the predictions are for events later in the 21st Century.

Click here or on the graphic below for a list of related outside links.

Screen Shot

of Web page announcing the Gala is found here. The page marked the first time animated content was used on the MIT Club of Boston website. The page was prepared by the ProphecyMaster with some graphics assistance from Julie Hsieh '97.

Photo Gallery

Photos on the Gallery Page were taken by Justin Allardyce Knight, professional photographer and scanned in by MIT Alumni Association personnel.

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Please direct all inquiries to the ProphecyMaster (e-mail:dahazen@alum.mit.edu or phone: (617)494-2480 work; (781)648-7120 or (781)608-3849 home).

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