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January/February 1998

The mailbox is almost empty this month! Please take a moment to send a note via E-mail or U.S. mail to share what’s happening in your life these days with your classmates.

Howard Boles continues as Project Leader for the Monster Board, and is still active in community theater productions. Howard is currently music director for a local production of "City of Angels," a jazz style Broadway musical. Howard is also conducting the 12-piece band for the show, and enjoying the work. Howard lives in Marlborough, MA (not Framingham, as reported earlier.)

I am continuing to grow my auction software business, working with schools and community organizations around the country. It’s a big charge getting calls from people who found my business on the world wide web – address <> While it was (and is) scary to leave some of the benefits of corporate life, I am enjoying being on my own, and spending more time at home with our children. Mark ’76 is very active in Cub Scouts with our two sons, Sean (10) and David (6). Please send news for this column soon! Barbara Crane, secretary, 3130 Paseo Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80909 or

March/April 1998

We begin this month by relating news of the death of Frederick Fenning. Fred’s plane crashed over a lake in Idaho as he was piloting his plane across country to visit family in August 1997. Fred was a hardware electrical engineering consultant, whose work involved assembly guidance systems, lasers for manufacturing, and laser graphics for the entertainment industry. Fred also worked with Grumman Aircraft, and regularly participated in "fly-ins." Fred lived in Medford, Massachusetts, and remained active with his fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phi, visiting often on Sunday mornings, and flying pledges to Cape Cod during Rush Week. Fred had also participated in Dramashop, Musical Theater Guild, and academic committees as a student. The oldest of eight children, Fred is survived by seven siblings, numerous nieces and nephews, and his parents. A scholarship fund, Fred Fenning (77), has been established; contact Bonnie Kellerman in the MIT Office of the Treasurer for more information. Special thanks to Fred’s brother, Dr. Walter Fenning, who graciously provided information to us.

Everett Butcher married Colleen Nearhoff in May 1996, and expected to move from Washington state to San Diego in December 1997. Todd Glickman was elected a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, in recognition of outstanding contributions in atmospheric, oceanic or hydrologic sciences during a substantial period of years. Beth Ganister writes that Ganister Fields Architects is still thriving after 12 years. Beth is a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, following a stint as president of the local business council. Their children are ages 10, 7 & 7, respectively, and "Twins still take some getting used to!"

Alberto Sadun and his wife Erica had their first child, Emma, 24 June 1997. Alberto has recently moved, becoming the new chairman of the department of Physics at the University of Colorado at Denver. All are well, despite new job, moving and new baby all at once! Wendy Irving Mills wrote a note catching us up on 20 years worth of news. Wendy moved to Colorado in 1980 for a Master of Architecture program, University of Colorado at Denver. She loved Colorado, and eventually ended up in Fort Collins, CO, working as a project architect in a couple of small firms until 1990. Wendy is now a facilities planner/architect for the City of Fort Collins. Wendy met her husband, Ron, at work, and was married in 1992. Her son Cameron is in 4th grade, so after-school violin and figure-skating lessons keep them busy.

Five classmates from East Campus, Second West, held their own 20th reunion on 12 July, 1997, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, having arranged it completely via e-mail. Pictured are Alexander (Skip) Ling, Mike Phillips, Tim Gunn, Roselie Bright, and Sergio Cabrera. Sergio, who sent the photograph, lives part-time in the DC-Baltimore area, and part-time in El Paso, Texas. Tim Gunn met a mutual friend from their days at Rice University, and the ensuing messages got the reunion planning underway.

Finally, Eric Black writes, "Yes, it is definitely a good idea to attend the MIT class reunions!" Eric and Diane Zingale met at the reunion, and have been in close contact since. Eric is moving to Tokyo, Japan in January, to continue his software consulting, remotely overseeing his mail-order educational supply business, and "to start the first Tokyo contra dance series." Diane is general manager of Information Systems at Nihon Cisco Systems, and is looking forward to removing the reason for her frequent trips to Silicon Valley since the reunion. Eric and Diane will be getting married in the spring of 1998. Thanks to all who sent news for our column. I look forward to hearing from you. Barbara Wilson Crane, Class of ’77 secretary, 3130 Paseo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 or

May/June 1998

This month seems to be "Steven/Stephen" month – three of our five notes are from them. Prof. Stephen Cecchetti, a member of the faculty at Ohio State University since 1987, is on a two year leave of absence to serve as Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Stephen will direct a staff of 250 scientists, statisticians and support personnel, and advise the president of the bank on monetary policy. Stephen is very excited about the opportunity to put his research to work. (I can assure you, we’re all hoping for your success!)

William Gilchrist has been appointed to the visiting committee to the Department of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences at MIT. Dr. Kenneth Smith sends his first news ever for class notes. Kenneth has been with 3M Corporation for 15 years, and was recently promoted to Division Scientist. Kenneth and his wife Karen, daughters Caitlin (13) and Courtney (10) moved back to St. Paul, Minnesota in 1996, following a year and a half at 3M’s European lab in Düsseldorf. Kenneth is very active in MIT recruiting.

Dr. Steven Bader notes that "1997 has brought growth of their children, Andrew (9) and Natalie (7), although my wife and I have not aged." Biking, rollerblading and skiing have helped keep them young. Steven’s dental practice in Peabody, Mass. is thriving in the strong economy, so he is enjoying it while he can.

Stephen Blatt writes with sorrow that the Coop has discontinued their private label credit card in favor of a Visa card with a picture of the Great Dome. The real sorrow is that now there is one less physical artifact that he actually uses to remind him of his time at MIT. He still wears his brass rat, and uses his bicycle, HP-21 calculator, and ice skates. On his bookcase are Thomas and Jackson, but they don’t get used anymore. I guess we all get older and further removed.

We hope to hear from more of you next time. Please drop a note to: Barbara Wilson Crane, Class of ’77 secretary, or 3130 Paseo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

July/August 1998

Each year, students are selected to receive support from the Class of 1977 Student Aid Fund. We thought you’d like to know a bit more about the students we support. Duncan Bryce ‘98 is interested in theater, and has served as musical director for the MIT Theater Guild. He also enjoys ice hockey, and expects to continue his studies in graduate school next year. Robert Lentz ’98 rows, and was captain of the varsity heavyweight crew team, and commodore of the MIT Boat Club. Robert’s worked with Schlumberger, Inc., in Texas last summer and will continue with them as he pursues his master’s degree.

We have some current news, and a great deal of "old news" from the period between class secretaries a while back. I will share the old news in abbreviated form here, and will place it on our class web site in more complete form. News that has already been shared will not be repeated here, but will be placed on the website. It may take several issues of Technology Review to fully catch up—bear with us.

One other note, your cards to Technology Review often indicate your academic title and "formal" name. If you want your name listed differently in this column, please indicate this.

Dr. Kim Roddis, Lindsey Spratt, Hillary (8) and Blaire (3) continue to enjoy happy and busy lives in Kansas…George Hays is now President and CEO of Arizona Instrument Corporation, of Phoenix, having most recently served as CFO for the same company…Commander Stephen Keith is currently finishing a six month deployment overseas, including the Persian Gulf, aboard his ship, USS Ford. Stephen will be transferring to a desk job on the Navy staff shortly.

Dr. Samuel Gasster is in his 10th year at the Aerospace Corporation working in microwave radiometry and radiative transfer. Samuel and his wife are enjoying their two children, David (6) and Emily (11 mos). Samuel’s wife, Diane, is an architect working in custom residential design…Dr. David Y. Lu has started a website for disseminating up-to-date medical information in the form of slide presentations. The site, <>, is free to the public, and David invites visitors…Jeffrey Young has been with Keen Development Corporation for six years as the controller/financial manager. Keen specializes in renovation of historic buildings into mixed-income residential housing.

Dr. Laurence LaForge complemented the Alumni Association for the very effective touch of having current students call to remind alumni about donations. He enjoyed his conversation with Rusty Lee of Phi Lambda Phi, and says "who says techies can’t be personable?"…Thomas Crawford is "adjusting to the Great Northwest." His wife is with a small company, selling products to the comfort spa industry. Their son, Christian (4), is a joy. Thomas’ company, Metawave, is growing rapidly, and its prospects look good…Greg Coutts is married, with two children, John (10) and Laura (5). Greg Coutts started and ran a biomedical engineering service business for 20 years. Greg recently sold the business to GE Medical Systems, and is running the division as president on behalf of GE. Greg and his family added that they "had a fabulous time at the 20 year reunion in June last year!"

Now for some catching up…William Whitelaw established a mechanical engineering Whitelaw Prize, given for outstanding performance in the 2.70 contest…Steven Gaskin sent several notes regarding travel and currency adventures in Mexico and Chicago, energy sources involving cold fusion and dental floss, etc.

John Monaco wrote a long letter updating us on life since graduation. After graduate school and a post-doc in immunology at Stanford, he joined the faculty at the Medical College of Virginia, in Richmond. In 1993, he moved to the University of Cincinnati, to be a full professor in Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology. He and his wife have two children, Peter (5) and Haleigh (2). John ran into David Relman, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford, at a meeting of the Microbiology Society in May 1995. David and John both received awards at the conference. John shared that Dan Higgins was back in West Palm Beach, Florida as a surgeon, and that Dan Metzger ’78 was at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville.

Mark Isaacs founded Legacy Homes, which is designing and building affordable homes in inner city neighborhoods. Legacy currently has 44 homes under construction in Louisville, Kentucky...Werner Haag indicate that "he is no longer wrestling," having taken up orienteering and Frisbee as more current sports interests. Werner was assistant coach on the Swiss National Frisbee Team in the early 1980’s, and he sees Tom Strat periodically, in the Bay Area Orienteering Club now. Werner is with RAE Systems, making environmental analytical equipment, following the sale of his old company’s air treatment technology.

Richard Smiley and his wife, Barbara Thornton, are active and enjoying their children, Brian (4) and Eric (2). Barbara recently obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia, and Richard is Associate Professor in Anesthesiology at Columbia. Richard noted that classmate and fraternity brother, Louis Touton, made it from California for a surprise 40th birthday party.

Thanks for all the updates. We’ll plan to finish up the "old news" in the next issue. Our website should be online when you read this column. Check it out at

Do you have any old Technology Review issues stored away? We’d like to post all the past columns on the website. Don’t mail them, just drop me a note and let me know if you have them. We’ll work out the mechanics later. Thanks for writing. Barbara Wilson Crane, Secretary, 3130 Paseo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909,

September/October 1998

We were saddened to learn of the death of Dr. Steven B. Oblath, on January 2, 1998. Steven lived at Alpha Epsilon Pi and served as house manager while at MIT, and was active in water polo, the Charles River Aquatic Club and the Nautical Association. His wife, Deborah T. Halpern Oblath, studied at Boston University and met Steven while they were students. After graduation in course V, Steven took his doctorate at Berkeley. Steven and Deborah were married on 9 September 1979, and have two daughters, Rachel (14) and Emily (12). Steven was an educational counselor for MIT, and volunteered regularly with the YMCA swimming program. The YMCA has named a new volunteer award for Steven. Steven developed an unusual squamous cell cancer, which eventually spread from mouth to throat, lymph nodes and back. Between surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, Steven displayed remarkable resiliency, returning to bicycle riding and working. Steven worked at the DuPont experimental station since 1987, and was admired and respected by his colleagues and community. He is survived by his wife, daughters, two older sisters, and father. Special thanks to Deborah Oblath for sharing this information. Please contact me for her address if you would like to get in touch with her.

John Jaynes wrote that his is staying busy with American Airlines, the Naval Reserves, and keeping track of his daughters, one of whom is now a teenager. He said "I can still remember my teenage years, which is why I feel like I need to keep track!"…Dr. James D Leo is in private practice in Long Beach, Calif., in the fields of critical care and internal medicine. He and his wife, Kathy, have been married 16 years, and have "two great boys," Daniel (13) and Alex (9). James and his sons are active in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. James also shared his e-mail address,

Judith Hertzberg remarried a year ago. Her husband, Jeff, brought his three children to live with her two children. Judith writes "As if parenting five children, ages 11 and under is enough, Jeff just started his own software development consulting firm, Xenatrope, Inc.," while Judith continues to work full time at J.P. Morgan…Werner Haag recently joined RAE Systems in Sunnyvale, Calif., as a senior development chemist. He notes "Sadly, am getting divorced after 13 years of marriage, but am glad to move on." Werner is active in orienteering in his free time.

MIT’s clipping service shared a Boston Business Journal article featuring Hamid Moghadam and his real estate investment trusts company, AMB Properties. AMB, focusing on markets which are "boring, but recession-proof," is ranked 12th in assets among the approximately 250 REIT’s in the country.

Ninamarie Maragioglio and her husband, Paul, are "completely enjoying parenting semi-self-sufficient children" in the Northern Virginia suburbs. Joia (15) is learning to drive, and attends a magnet school for science and technology, where she is bored in her AP classes, and "counting the months until she goes to MIT." Kellen (12) has already taken the SAT test, with stellar results, plays soccer, and sings in a children’s chorale. Brielle (9) enjoys creative writing and cheerleading. Ninamarie is now with Jobin Realty, and manages the Northern VA Educational Council and is PTA vice president at Brielle’s school. Paul is working on space science policy at NASA. Finally, Ninamarie notes "We have two mini-vans and one screen-saver: virtual goldfish."

We now continue our "catch up" of old news passed along recently. Our apologies if this information is no longer current. Dr. Richard Steinberg writes in the "shameless self promotion division," that he recently published his first book, Economics for NonProfit Managers, with Dennis R. Young, Foundation Press. To their knowledge it is the first book on the topic…Charles Dieterich works at the David Sarnoff Research Center, designing test systems for MPEG video. Charles is a volunteer firefighter in Kingston, New Jersey, and "I’m still single."

As of July 1996, David Hoicka was campaigning for state representative in Cambridge, Mass., 28th Middlesex district… Jay Steven Dweck married Shoshana Ruth Davids on 23 June 1996, in Cold Spring, New York. Jay is a vice president of Goldman Sachs and Co., and received his J.D. from the Univ. of Virginia. Shoshana is a patent attorney in the intellectual property group of Morrison and Foerster.

Paul Steffes is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology. Paul received the Judith A. Resnick award at the IEEE National Radio Science meeting in January 1996, for development of innovative microwave measurements which contributed to the understanding of the Venus atmosphere…This completes all the "old news" we have on hand.

Our web site is up, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Check it out at Via web site, e-mail, or handwritten note, please drop us a line about what you’re doing these days. Barbara Crane, Secretary, 3130 Paseo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909,

November/December 1998

Hello, class of 1977!

Susan Nelson writes that she has been located in South Carolina since 1985, and is now moving to France for several years. "Salut, mes amis de MIT", she writes.

A delightful e-mail note came: "We just found the MIT web 77 site and got inspired to chime in. Jeff Weiss and I (Nancy Freeman) have been married 20 years and have, believe it or not, four daughters – Samantha (12), Jaimie (9), Zoe (8), and Alyx (2), one dog, Yogi, and one cat, Kellogg. Jeff is the CTO for Omnia Communications in Marlborough, Mass., a new start up. I am Chief of Oncology at Providence VA Medical Center, Brown University. That's all for now...njf/jaw." Thanks, Nancy and Jeff!

I think I should have saved some of the catch-up news from the last two issues for this one, as the mailbox is just about empty. On the plus side, the dearth of news has given me some time to get back issues of our class notes onto our web site. We are cross-referencing each class member name to the columns in which they appear, so you may also look up news for specific people. It’s fun to re-read the old news. Check it out at <>. We welcome your feedback.

Please take a moment to drop us a line, or even call if you like. Barbara Crane, secretary, 3130 Paseo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, or (719) 471-2877.

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